HTC To Reveal New Vive VR Headset at CES 2017

The partnership between Valve and HTC has strengthened since the launch of HTC Vive earlier this year. The VR headset has done quite well in the market and keeping in mind the popularity it has gained, HTC has now hinted at launching an enhanced version of the headset.

Rikard Steiber, SVP of Virtual Reality at HTC, admitted that the company is indeed working on form upgrades for Vive. As more number of people are embracing the new technology, Steiber stated “that innovation cycles will be sort of annual”. He also revealed that majority of the changes introduced will be regarding arcade-style peripherals, for instance, steering wheels, weapons, etc.


The new version of Valve’s lighthouse tracking system has reduced the component count for the SteamVR headset from 41 to 9. This will reduce the price and the complexity of the headset. It is predicted that a total of 2560 component placements will be removed once the second generation tracking system is applied to the Vive headset and its motion controllers.

Revelation of the evolved headset is likely to made at CES 2017, which is to be held at Las Vegas between 5th and 8th January, 2017. The expected updates for HTC Vive are primarily concerned with its form, ease of installation, and refined Lighthouse tracking. Plans regarding the design of the headset are still unknown, but the new headset is expected to come with a reduced mass and with a more comfortable head mounting system.


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