Huge DDoS Attack Causes Problems For PSN And Xbox Live

Earlier today, many users reported on having connection issues with both, Xbox Live and PSN. Many people also complained about not being able to connect to a number of websites.

The internet company known as Dyn revealed that the issues were caused by a DDoS attack. The DDoS attack also caused problems for Sony and Microsoft. This attack was similar to the one which took place around Christmas of 2014, which caused a lot of problems for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Websites which were also effected by the attack are Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, and the list goes on.

playstation network xbox live

PlayStation and Xbox players were effected by the attack as well. Users reported that they were unable to connect to the servers of games like Fifa 17, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Destiny. EA and Bungie acknowledged the issues that stated that the servers for their games were effected by the DDoS attack.

These attacks took place a few days before the PlayStation Network schedule maintenance. After being down for hours, Xbox Live and PSN are both back online, and are working absolutely fine. Today’s attack caused Homeland Security to get involved to stop these attackers from causing anymore damage.

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Although these attacks are annoying and inconvenient, they also indicate that these networks are not as secure and protected as we would think. They reveal the flaws in these networks and show us how easily they can be taken down, in a matter of minutes. Hopefully these networks make an effort to protect themselves from attacks like these, and prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

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