Hunt Showdown Runs At 1800p On Xbox One X, 1440 On PS4 Pro

Hunt Showdown is finally available on PS4 after lingering in early access on PC and Xbox One. The resolution and frame rate of Hunt Showdown has been confirmed in a recent technical analysis done by Digital Foundry.

Hunt Showdown uses Cry Engine and it is one of the rare games to use this technology on consoles. This generation started with Ryse using the Cry Engine as an Xbox One launch title however not many games have used it on consoles. After Ryse, Homefront Revolution was another big game that used the Cry Engine and on the PC front, Star Citizen is being developed on Cry Engine as well.

This brings us to Hunt Showdown, which uses the Cry Engine and looks beautiful even on consoles. According to technical analysis of the game performed by Digital Foundry, the resolution of Hunt Showdown is 1440 for PS4 Pro and 1800p for Xbox One X. This also extends to the base consoles with PS4 running at 1080p resolution followed by Xbox One at 900p.

Digital Foundry notes that the frame rate is mostly solid 30 FPS on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X but it doesn’t appear to run as smooth on the base consoles.

Hunt Showdown is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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