Hunt Showdown Update Version 1.12 Full Patch Notes 1.4.3

Hunt Showdown update version 1.12 patch 1.4.3 is available to download now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

Crytek has released a new update for Hunt Showdown that implements a number of fixes and adds new features like weapon variants and more. Get the details on this update below.

Hunt Showdown Update Version 1.12 Full Patch Notes 1.4.3

New Weapon Variants

  • Winfield M1873C Vandal
  • Winfield M1873C Vandal Deadeye

The Vandals are shortened Winfield M1873 C variants with 1 less bullet and only medium size. They can still be used for levering.

Developer Notes:Why Vandal and not Mare’s Leg? Mare’s Leg is an anachronistic name for 1895, a name which came into use in 1958. So while we took inspiration from the more modern weapon, we created our universe’s own version – one that would be right at home in 1895.

New Legendary Content“Winfield Vandal Gold Rush”

  • Winfield M1873 C Vandal
  • Description: “When the law caught up with felon-turned-prospector John Wright, he fled his Oregon hide out with nothing more than this gold-veined Winfield Vandal – made to celebrate his very first lucky strike. Wielding it, he fought his way south, lured by more glory and gold.”

“Nagant Silencer Mosquito”

  • Nagant M1895 Silencer
  • Description: “Silence is golden – a truism for any Hunters whose wealth was earned through stealth – and the silent sting of this brass-inlaid Nagant 1895 Silencer strikes like a swarm of deadly insects, especially when dual wielded by Hunter duos and trios.”

“Mosin Nagant Obrez Sinners Jezail”

  • Mosin-Nagant M1891 Obrez
  • Description: “The Sinners’ brought far-flung customs to the bayou, and this Mosin-Nagant Obrez (not a typical rifle of the Afghan foothills) bears refined witness to that union of martial cultures.”

“Lemat Mark II Last Resort”

  • Lemat Mark II
  • Description: “Adorned with a symbol of its carrier’s uncanny ability to survive the most bleak landscapes and apocalyptic situations, this resilient LeMat can transform a last stand into a ghastly victory. “

New Trials (PvE)Lawson DeltaParkour

  • Out of Their Misery – Godard Docks – Watch your steps and do not make too much noise dealing with the Hives.
  • Finish the Farce – C&A Lumber – Try not to burn down all of C&A Lumber as you clear your path through the Armoreds against the clock.


  • Lightning Does the Work – Arden Parish – Prioritize the closer targets for maximum efficiency. The further away ones might take more than one shot to die.
  • No Vice, No Virtue – Lawson Station – Make sure to use your time-window to take out targets as they move between obstacles.


  • Flesh of My Flesh – Salters Pork – Plan your traversal wisely as you chase down targets to not attract too many Hives at once.
  • Truth Doesn’t Stick to Possibilities – Windy Run – Be sure to use the Immolators to your advantage by igniting oil and Hellhounds to earn your stars.
  • Never Walk Back – Hemlock and Hide – Don’t let the Armoreds overwhelm you as you force your way through and take them out one by one.
  • We Do Not Need Light, But Fire – Nicholls Prison – Use Immolators and Barrels to keep the grunts from reaching you.

Major Bug FixesOne of the main focus of Update 1.4.3 was fixing many of the bigger reoccurring issues players have been facing.

“Ghost bug”Description of the bug symptoms: Sometimes players would be connected to the game server but in reality their character would float above ground. Your partner would not see you move and you would be in certain cases unable to open doors, vault fences, or pick up items. Sometimes interacting with a ladder or your partner leaving/extracting would re-sync your character to a playable state.

What we have done: We have reviewed logging information you sent us and compared it with what the state of the game server. From this investigation we have concluded and implemented some tentative fixes that should prevent such situation from happening. However, it is a bug that we are not able to reproduce in-house and therefore will not be able to confirm working until the update is Live.

Game client could get stuck after vaulting.Description of the bug symptoms: After vaulting you would not be allowed to move your character anymore.

What we have done: We have found two cases when the bug could manifest.

  • In some cases after vaulting, the game did not return the player’s controls.
  • In other cases your character would vault inside an element of the map (even slightly) which would make you physically stuck.

We have looked into fixing these two occurrences by having the player controls correctly updated after the vaulting and – to fix the second case – by snapping the player to a valid position after vaulting.The snap should be minimal and in most cases not noticeable.

Aim Down Sight weapon state could be cancelled sometimes without user inputDescription of the bug symptoms: When in the aim-down-sight state the weapon would randomly switch back to hip aim mode requiring the user to re-trigger ADS action.

What we have done: In this bug and some other similar ones (I.E. Weapon was wrongfully re-selected when using a consumable and switching to another consumable) the problem was that the game client and the game server had conflicting information about which item the user selected, or in which state this item was.We implemented a tolerance for item transition between the client and the server which should resolve this issue.

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