Importance of using an AntiVirus for Gamers

In this day and age – with the internet becoming more widely accessed than ever – the threat of malicious software and viruses persist now more than ever. Even the most casual of users who use their computers merely for browsing have been caught by surprise by viruses. More frequent users, such as gamers, are even more susceptible to these viruses.

It is incredibly important for gamers to have some sort of shield to protect their computers: their data, information and files. As most games are becoming more widely available digitally, the chances of them not being completely safe for use also increase. Even reputable distributers, such as Steam, have some games available that are crawling with malicious viruses. Thus, it’s hard to be completely sure whether a game is free of any virus.

The threat of a virus increases exponentially when one uses a less credible source, such as a torrent, to download video games. As this platform allows anyone to upload their own version of a file, it is more dangerous to use. Even hard copies of second hand games may inhibit viruses that were implanted by previous owners. Many seemingly unsuspected sources like ads on websites can also include viruses that target your data. Thus, it is essential to have protection against these viruses in the form of a good anti-virus.

Viruses are capable of causing monumental amounts of damage to one’s computer. Not only can they erase all your data – wasting hours of hard work and money spent– but they also violate your privacy and put your personal information in the hands of those who cannot be trusted. To give an example, imagine waking up to thousands of dollars in credit card bills one day because a game you downloaded online was equipped with a virus that got ahold of your PayPal. Sure, you can cancel your credit card, but that would be a hassle that could have been avoided if only you had an antivirus. Having an Internet Security Software on your computer nowadays is not an option but a necessity.

An antivirus, especially for gamers, is invaluable as its benefits outweigh its costs by large. What would you prefer, losing your personal data and files or spend a small amount on an antivirus that would surely prevent the violation of your data. The choice is yours. On a sidenote there’s a ton of free antivirus tools available on the internet nowadays so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Danial Arshad Khan

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