Improve Smash Ultimate Netplay and Switch Online connectivity using this small tweak

The Nintendo Switch has a very lackluster networking setup that could hinder your experience while playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online or using other Switch Online services. Follow this guide for a small tweak to make the online experience much better.

The Nintendo Switch mainly connects to the Internet via WiFi unless you buy an Ethernet Adapter, if you’re going to be playing Smash Ultimate online the first thing we recommend is you get a decent adapter. You can get an reputable USB 3.0 to Ethernet Adapter if the officially licensed ones are too expensive.

Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros. Online Netplay Tweak

Today’s tweak will help make the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online experience much smoother, help you connect to better quality matches and reduce latency and disconnections.

We’ll be tweaking the Nintendo Switch’s MTU Settings. Since the Switch comes reconfigured with a certain MTU setting unlike the PS4 or Xbox One which automatically set one for you (that’s not a good solution either), you could be possibly waiting needlessly for data that your connection could easily handle.

The Nintendo Switch comes pre-configured with a MTU value of 1400 which is too low for most connections nowadays.

What is MTU?

An MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit helps your Modem or Router (depending on your configuration) determine the largest data size that your connection can handle without dropping packets. If your MTU is too small, you’re needlessly waiting for data, while if your MTU is too large you’ll experience connectivity issues and packet loss. Every connection is different so instead of recommending a single MTU value we’ll recommend that you take out some time and find the one that best suits your connection.

If you’re on Windows, open the cmd program, you can do this by searching for cmd in the search bar or open the Run program and enterting cmd.exe. There enter the following command:

ping –f –l 1460

Similarly Mac users can open the Terminal and enter the following:

ping –d –s 1460

The program will send four packets to the server and tell you the status. If the MTU you entered is fragmenting packets, drop it by 10 and try again till you find the highest MTU value that is not fragmenting packets. Once you get your value, add 28 to it to get your MTU value. For example my number was 1464 and MTU value was 1492. I started fragmenting packets at 1466, so dropping it down to was the highest my Internet go could to give me a MTU value of 1492. For reference I’m on Fiber, DSL and Cable connections handle handle a much smaller MTU value than Fiber.

Now once you have your desired MTU value all we need to do it change it on the Switch. Alternatively you can also change it in your Router or Modem’s settings.

To change it on the Switch head over Internet > Internet Settings > Your Network > Change Settings > MTU > Save.

What changes did I notice by tweaking MTU speeds on the Nintendo Switch

I’ve been using my new MTU value for just over a month now and noticed the following improvements:

  • Increased real-time download speeds, don’t judge the Switch’s speed test, it’s very inconsistent.
  • Better Pings and Connections in online matches on Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate recently, although I don’t have numerical evidence of this.
  • The eShop opens and navigates slightly faster now.

Do give it a try and let us if this worked for you in the comments below.

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