In Borderlands 3, each co-op player gets their own set of loot

One of the most annoying things in a Borderlands game when playing co-op is rushing for the shared loot pool so that you don’t miss out on some valuable goods. Thankfully this changes in Borderlands 3, which borrows a feature from many of the newer loot based shooters, that is every co-op gets their own set of loot.

Thanks to this new feature in Borderlands 3, you don’t have to fight for loot anymore with your friends or the players you’re playing with.

According to developers GearBox Software, this feature can be turned off for a more classic Borderlands experience, although I wonder why you would do that.

Of course, if you prefer to play with classic Borderlands 2 co-op rules – where loot is shared – you can choose to do so.

Borderlands 3 is hyping up to be great with fans really exited for the next mainline entry in the series which arrives 7 years after the last. Borderlands 3 releases on September 13 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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