Incredible New Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Footage Shows Quests and more

I just finished watching the PlayStation Paris Games Week conference and the new footage of Horizon Zero Dawn was the thing that got me excited the most once again after that dreamy E3 back in June.

Here is the gameplay footage of Horizon Zero Dawn:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”qvI5AHu5Xao”]

The video shown was concentrated on showing us how quests will be in the game. In this particular quest, Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn, has been assigned with a mission from one of the tribes in the game. This mission consists in hunting to receive a specific resource that the tribe needs. We see Aloy use the Ropecaster, which is a defensive, but most importantly, a preventive weapon, to create explosive tripwires for the Grazes(the deer-like creatures) to fall in. Aloy scares the Grazes using an explosive arrow and they fall into the trap as intended. Be careful though, as some of the Grazes will fight back for their lives. The demo ends with the iconic battle between Aloy and the Thunderjaw, took down in a similar way as shown in the E3 demo. Guerrilla also shows us the many features of the Thunderjaw by stopping for a moment the time in the demo, maybe hinting at a possible photomode for the game(Yes please!).


You can also notice in the video the HUD elements of the game(although it is pointed out that the UI elements are not final):

  • In the upper right corner you see Aloy’s level and her experience bar;
  • In the upper center part of the screen you can see the compass and right below it there’s a circle called the “Stealth Indicator” that appears when you’re stealthing through some areas(tall grass in this footage) and you have to choose the right time to attack an enemy based on that. As said by Mark Norris, the Senior Producer of Horizon Zero Dawn at Guerrilla Games, stealth plays a very big role in the game;
  • In the lower left corner you can see Aloy’s health indicator, which looks like an arrow;
  • In the lower right corner of course you have your weapon and the different types of arrow at your disposal;
  • Since Horizon Zero Dawn is an action RPG, you can see the numbers appearing when attacking an enemy;
  • At the end of your hunt, you can loot enemies and the loot menu will pop up showing what the enemy dropped. Machine parts are very important but also picking up plants(which refill Aloy’s health) and other stuff in the game will be essential.

We’ve also published a whole bunch of new screenshots so make sure to check them out!

Horizon Zero Dawn is looking incredible and may I say a strong contender for next year’s GOTY. Let us know what you think of Horizon Zero Dawn in the comments below.

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