Indie Dev Talks About Ease of Porting For Nintendo Switch, Support From Nintendo

Nintendo Switch is currently one of the most popular system thanks to its lasting appeal with first party Nintendo IPs. When it comes to supporting the console, Nintendo seems to have learned a lot from their past mistakes and are now doing things the right way, judging from the comments made by several of the indie developers who have released their games for the Nintendo Switch.

Fabraz, who have just released their game Slime-San for Nintendo Switch talked about the ease of porting to the Switch hardware as well as the support that they received from Nintendo in a reddit AMA.

They’ve been very supportive with us. We met some of them back at GDC and a few weeks later we were invited to become certified Nintendo Switch developers. Since then, whenever there was a problem, they were very responsive to any of our inquiries.

I’m INCREDIBLY grateful to have gotten the opportunity to release a game on one of their systems. Can’t overstate that enough!

In the case of the port from PC to Switch, it took them just a couple of months. Most of the issue that they had with the port was the result of trying to use the default resources of Unity as they learned the hardware.

A little over a year! The porting process to the Switch was around 2-3 months, QA included.

It was, honestly, pretty seamless. Unity and Nintendo did some prep work and the porting process wasn’t too hard.

Slime-san is available to purchase now on the Nintendo Switch. It is a retro-pixel style platformer that is fairly challenging.

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