Indigo Prophecy Remastered Releases On The PlayStation 4 On 9th August

Award winning game, Indigo Prophecy, is now heading to the PlayStation 4 on the 9th of August. Originally released back in September of 2005 on the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and the PC, Indigo Prophecy is an interactive drama action-adventure video game by developer Quantic Dream.

The PlayStation 4 port of the game has been developed by the International Software Development Group at Sony Interactive Entertainment, and will be released as one of the PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 4 games with improved visuals and newly added Trophies.

The premise off the game is set in New York city, where a number of mysterious murders have occurred. You play as protagonist Lucas Kane, a person who himself has gotten involved in one such crime as he tries to lift the curtain on the supernatural forces behind these murders.


The game also features a mental health meter which represents the character’s mental stability, positive things add points to the meter while negative things subtract points. If the meter reaches zero, the game ends by way of your character facing a mental breakdown or committing suicide.

The success of Indigo Prophecy led to other games by the developer such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, titles that used some of the concepts and gameplay mechanics first introduced in Indigo Prophecy.

Detroit: Become Human Will Take Around 8 To 10 Hours For Completion

Detroit: Become Human, the most recent game by Quantic Dream, was also unveiled at E3 this year, although no official release date has yet been announced.

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