inFamous: First Light Will Be 4-5 Hours Long, Includes Platinum Trophy And Updated Photo Mode

inFamous: First Light is the upcoming standalone add-on from Sucker Punch based on inFamous: Second Son. This new standalone DLC will see us taking control of Fetch, the non-playable character from inFamous: Second Son, who will be finally playable.

inFamous: First Light will focus on the character of Fetch and deals with her story. It is a prequel to inFamous: Second Son so don’t expect to see a continued story. Instead, we will get to witness what happens to Fetch after she is captured by the D.U.P.


If you were wondering about the length of the game, you shouldn’t worry much as despite its cheap price, the game still packs tons of content including a Battle Mode. Photo Mode is also confirmed to return and will be an updated version of the Photo Mode from Second Son, as confirmed by co-director of First Light, Jason Connell.

Photo mode will absolutely be included. We’ve even made a few new color grade options and a new feature where you can control the opacity of the color grading.

The DLC might take you 4 to 5 hours for completion and still then, there are battle arenas to compete for leaderboards. Platinum trophy is also included for First Light so rest assured, it will definitely satisfy its buyers.

The game is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on 27th August, 2014. It will also see a retail release in Europe at a later date.

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