Infamous: Second Son And First Light PS4 Pro Patch Allows Better Frame Rate Or Higher Resolution

Infamous: Second Son and Infamous: First Light have received a patch for supporting PS4 Pro. This new patch’s download size is over 3 GB for Infamous: Second Son while it is under 3 GB for First Light.

In addition to the inclusion of 4K resolution, the patch adds HDR support for the TV sets that support it. There is also supersampling available for 1080p TV users while it also improves the particles effects for the powers of Delsin and Fetch.

Sucker Punch’s Art Director, Jason Connell, posted about the patch news on the official PS Blog, but what he failed to clarify in his post was that the support for a better frame rate was also added in this new patch.

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“If you have an HDR TV, I would definitely fire up Second Son or First Light just to get a glimpse. If you’re anything like me, you’ll likely spend a bunch of time just looking at the effects and lighting improvements,” said Connell in the comments section of PS Blog.


When one user asked about a potential better frame rate for PS4 Pro users, he was quick to clarify that they have indeed added two different modes for PS4 Pro users.

“Thanks for pointing this out JamzDance. I failed to mention in the post above, but we did include a performance option. You can choose either “Better Frame Rate” or “Higher Resolution”. Default is set to the higher resolution option.”

This makes Infamous: Second Son and First Light, one of the games that will offer support for better frame rate on the PS4 Pro. The other one being Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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