This inFamous: Second Son Glitch Returns You To The Introductory Area; Shows Strange Boat In Water

inFamous: Second Son might be a well polished game but when you have millions of people playing your game, there might be some who can find exploits to do opposite of what the developer intended.

YouTube user Kent Brooks managed to find an exploit that lets him return to the beginning area of the game. The beginning of the game is set in an entirely different location from Seattle. It is set in woods, and mostly features scripted sequences. So what happens if we return to this area after getting all sorts of crazy powers. You can see the result in the video below.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”Nw1an1EjzqU”]

It’s rather interesting to see that the area with the trees can be fully traversed. Although, curiously enough, there seems to be some sort of boat in the water, after the user manages to glitch his way out of the game world. Maybe some artist made it for the actual game, and when this plan was canned, he just left it there for the exploit users to discover.

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