inFamous Second Son Hudless Direct-Feed Panoramic Shots Show Artistic Next Gen Visuals

inFamous Second Son will soon receive an official patch, which aims to remove the hud and add the ability to switch day/night cycle. While this patch hasn’t been released yet, users have found a way to take screenshots of the game without any in-game hud interfering with the view.

NeoGAF user HolyFridge took this great looking Panorama of inFamous: Second Son, see it below.


There are more hudless shots available, and while they might not be full panorama, they definitely deserve a look.

Sucker Punch have confirmed that the new patch for removing the HUD, and letting us change time of the day, will be released next week. In case you want to achieve hudless screenshots, it is just better to wait for this patch.

What do you think about these screenshots for inFamous: Second Son? Let us know in the comments below.

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