inFamous: Second Son Lead Tech Artist Overwhelmed by Community’s Use of its Photo Mode

Sucker Punch seems to have been overwhelmed by the strong positive reception of inFamous: Second Son’s Photo Mode. Lead Tech Artist of inFamous: Second Son, Jason Connell even jokingly talks about using these Photo Mode screenshots from fans of inFamous: Second Son in his portfolio.

On Twitter, Sucker Punch were surprised by the positive reception of this new Photo Mode, which resulted in plenty of impressive looking screenshots of the game appearing online. Sucker Punch’s Lead Tech Artist, Jason Connell seemed rather surprised over the fan’s efforts, and shared their shots in his tweet praising them.

On popular gaming forum NeoGAF, there is a on-going thread full of screenshots from the Photo Mode of inFamous: Second Son. Jason seemed rather impressed by most of the screenshots shared in that thread.

Graphics Programmer Matthijs De Smedt also shared the link to that screenshots thread and praised the efforts of the community and fans.

In case you haven’t booted inFamous: Second Son in a while, the game recently got a new update which added a new Photo Mode, option to change time of the day,  30 fps lock, and ability to disable the HUD among other fixes.

Have you made any impressive looking screenshots from this new Photo Mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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