inFamous: Second Son Patch 1.02 Released, About 333 MB In Size [Update]

Sucker Punch have released a brand new patch for inFamous: Second Son, which is about 333 MB in size. The patch notes unfortunately don’t point to any changes but seeing the size of the patch, we are sure that this might be an important update.

To use the network features of inFamous: Second Son, particularly the bonus Paper Trail mission, you have to download this inFamous: Second Son 1.02 patch. We will update this story once we get our hands on the patch notes for this new inFamous: Second Son update.

Update: According to Sucker Punch onTwitter, this patch “addressed LOC fixes, and helped paper trail a bit.”


Sucker Punch earlier talked about adding about 5 hours of new content through future updates to the game. This new content will add more play hours to the already decent length game. One of them is the Paper Trail mission, whose part 2 has just been made available recently.

Have you got this new update? Did you notice any improvements, new features? Let us know in the comments below.

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