inFamous: Second Son Photo Mode GIFs Are Insanely Detailed, Surprises Sucker Punch

inFamous: Second Son received a brand new Photo Mode with its latest update. This not only started a surge of spectacular looking screenshots of the game, it also resulted in these insanely detailed GIFs. Even the developers of inFamous: Second Son were surprised to see the efforts made by fans to create these GIFs.

These GIFs are usually made in Photo Mode by recording that instance and then creating an animated GIF from it.

Jason Connell, lead tech artist of inFamous: Second Son, tweeted the following GIF.

This GIF not only show the destruction in inFamous: Second Son, we can spot reflections in real-time on the shattered glass.

DriveClub Design Director Paul Rustchynsky was also surprised to see the level of detail in these GIFs and called them “Impressive” in his tweet.

You can check out more of these GIFs below.

The way Photo Mode is integrated in inFamous: Second Son, it honestly feels like we hit the pause button in a time machine, because everything around us comes to a halt but the particle effects remain there, and we have full freedom to take our screenshots in this state.

Have you tried your hand at this new Photo Mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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