inFamous: Second Son: A Screenshot Comparison Between Various Times of the Day

inFamous: Second Son is truly a gorgeous open world game, unfortunately, it lacks any sort of dynamic day/night cycle. The game shifts its time of the day after some specific story missions, so while we can experience the different times of the day, we can’t really fully enjoy them. We decided to see how the world of Seattle in inFamous: Second Son looked during various times of the day, and it also shows us how much work and effort has been gone in making Seattle a lively city during the various different times of the day.

All of these screenshots were taken at the same place, we tried our best to avoid any spoilers, which turned out to be harder than we thought, since the game can only be accessed for a specific time during some of the story missions. Nevertheless, enjoy the comparison between various times of the day.

Note: These screenshots, while not entirely uncompressed, are taken directly from the PS4 and then uploaded to the site, so they don’t have the compression of typical Facebook/Twitter uploads. – Direct Link to 1080p GIFs: GIF 1GIF 2GIF 3

infamous-ss-night (6) infamous-ss-afternoon (1) infamous-ss-day (1)

infamous-ss-afternoon (4) infamous-ss-day (2) infamous-ss-night (3)

infamous-ss-night (8) infamous-ss-day (10) infamous-ss-afternoon (10)

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