inFAMOUS Second Son Shown Being Played At The Side Of A Truck At PS4 All Access Event

With nearly three hours left until the biggest event in the history of PlayStation goes live, the media and first-party developers can never be happier and unable to contain their excitement have been tweeting updates from the venue.

inFAMOUS Second Son is an upcoming title by Sucker Punch and will be their first title on the PlayStation 4. Although not being launched as a launch title alongside PlayStation 4, it will still be released inside the launch window.

Previously Sucker Punch tweeted that inFAMOUS Second Son will be playable by people at the PS4 All Access event being held, this time Sucker Punch tweeted an image showing inFAMOUS Second Son being played at the side of truck at the PlayStation 4 launch party.

Along with inFAMOUS Second Son, there are plenty more news to be made at the launch event from developers such as Hideo Kojima, who would be making an announcement regarding the PlayStation 4.

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information as the story develops.

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