Looks like Infinite Warfare won’t be in Space, plus no Aliens confirmed

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare looks to be set on ground and not in space as rumored.

Rumors of a Call of Duty in space have been rampant for a long time now and many sources were hinting at COD 2016 finally taking the series into space. After the strides made by Advanced Warfare with its drastically changes to movement, another major shakeup to the COD formula was inevitable.

Looks like Infinite Warfare won’t in space if the CODMessenger, an ingenious marketing stunt by Activision, is to be believed.

Teasing the reveal of the game, the official Call of Duty Facebook page tasked fans to find a code. When submitted the code would tease a date, full details on that here.

The messenger also answers when asked various questions. Like for example, no Aliens this time around:

infinite warfare space

When asked about Space, the messenger replies with the following:

infinite warfare space

Now the term ‘boots on the ground’ could very well refer to the military term of soliders being deployed at a certain location. However we know that developers Infinity Ward are well aware of the rumors and could have wanted to have a say. This is not a confirmation till the game’s supposed reveal tomorrow, but as close as it gets in my opinion.

Want to talk with the Lieutenant yourself? Head on here.

What do you think? Does the message mean that Infinite Warfare will indeed be on ground and not in space as rumored? Let us know in the comments.

Update: Guess it’s in space after all.

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