InMind 2 Is Now Available for iOS and Android

InMind 2 has finally arrived on Android and iOS platforms after being announced back in August 2016. It is a Virtual Reality game that is a follow up to its predecessor InMind VR. You will be able to play the game with the help of head-mounted displays (HMD’s) such as Google Cardboard.

InMind 2 has been developed by, previously known as Nival VR. has also developed VR titles like InMind VR and InCell VR. They believe that Virtual Reality engages people in a far better way as compared to any other medium of entertainment because people feel more involved.


The game is based on the entire life of a young boy named John. You have to make critical decisions over the course of his lifetime, based on human emotions. Thus you have an important part to play in unlocking new interests and relations, eventually shaping John’s future. It’s a battle between the human emotions and the human brain; just remember that John’s future is in your hands!

A beta was launched last month for InMind 2 that allowed many of you to start off with the journey, but now you can download the complete version of the game on Android and iOS. promises that by the end of the year, InMind 2 will be available to play on Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Daydream View.


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