Could Inside Be Coming To The PlayStation 4?

Developer Playdead’s latest game, Inside, may be getting a release for the PlayStation 4. The game was the developer’s second title after Limbo, and although a PlayStation 4 version has not been officially confirmed, new information has surfaced that may provide more insight into the matter.

A list of trophies for Inside have become available on the website Exophase. Although this in itself isn’t very convincing, Exophase has established a good track record when it come to these things. Most recently, the website put up trophy lists for the games Dead Rising and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for the PlayStation 4, and soon enough, official announcements were made confirming the releases.

inside-game (3)

On top of all of this, VG247 claims that they have a trusted source that has confirmed that this release is indeed true, and that Inside is in fact getting a release for the PlayStation 4 towards the end of August.

As of now, all we can do is speculate and hope for an announcement from Playdead. However it should be noted that the studio’s previous game, Limbo, was itself an Xbox 360 exclusive and yet it ended up getting both a PlayStation 3 and a PC release, so all these rumors might not be completely baseless.

Inside Review (Xbox One)

Inside was released back in June 29, 2016 for the Xbox One and the PC. The game received overwhelmingly positive reviews and was called a worthy successor to Limbo.

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