INSIDE Coming To PS4 On August 23rd

The official PlayStation twitter announced the release of Playdead’s critically acclaimed, INSIDE, for the PS4.

The game was rumored to be arriving on the PS4, but now PS4 users will be happy to hear that the puzzle platformer is coming to their console on August 23rd. INSIDE is already available for the Xbox One since June 29th, and for the PC since July 7th.

In the game, players control a young boy who sneaks into an experimental facility. INSIDE keeps the player wondering what the plot of the game is, and builds up the suspense as the game progresses. While exploring the experimental facility, players will face several different puzzles, which they will have to solve in order to continue. Some of these puzzles, if not completed in time, can result in the protagonist’s death. At E3 2016, the puzzle platformer was named “Best Independent Game” at the Expo by the Game Critics Awards.

inside-game (3)

The game is developed by the team that brought us Limbo. Playdead have earned several awards for Limbo, which was one of the best games of 2010. Simple, yet amazing, Limbo kept the players at the edge of their seats, and INSIDE is no different.

We recently did a review on INSIDE, where we gave it a perfect score due to its unique visuals and amazing puzzle designs. INSIDE is already available on the Xbox One and PC, with the PS4 version arriving on August 23rd.

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