Insomniac Games Explain Why Sunset Overdrive Is Exclusive To Xbox One: Microsoft Are “Terrific Partners”

Sunset Overdrive is an exclusive game from Insomniac Games, the creators of Ratchet and Clank and Resistance series on PlayStation platform. It was quite a surprise to see them going exclusive to Xbox One for their next big game since they have mostly made games exclusively for the PlayStation, and were considered an important part of the PlayStation 2 and 3 software lineup. James Stevenson, Community Lead at Insomniac Games, explains how they ended up creating an exclusive for Microsoft.

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As it happens with most exclusive releases, people didn’t take the news lightly and once the gameplay footage was out, many took this moment to complain about the game being exclusive to Xbox One. On Twitter, Stevenson replied to one such tweet regarding this exclusivity, praising the support from Microsoft and called them “Terrific Partners”

say what you want, but they made that game happened and embraced its vision. Been terrific partners

Over at gaming forum NeoGAF, Insomniac fans, who were used to playing their games on PlayStation platform, complained about missing out on the game, to which Stevenson had the following response.

sorry you feel that way, but know we had to partner with the right group that believed in us and the vision of the game, wanted to see that vision came to life, and was ok with us retaining the rights to our creation.

In all of those regards, Microsoft has been a terrific partner in making Sunset Overdrive reality.

While it is not hard to speculate the real reason behind this exclusivity deal(Insomniac wanted to retain the IP), perhaps Sony should have given them what they want. In any case, Sunset Overdrive appears to be a fantastic game all around and definitely enhances the appeal of Xbox One.

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