Insomniac Games: Spider-Man Is By Far The Biggest Game We Have Ever Made

Marvel’s Spider-Man has received a major gameplay reveal at E3 2018. The reveal for the game at Sony’s E3 conference was focused on introducing new villains but later Sony shared a full gameplay demo featuring the open world exploration and combat for Spider-Man PS4.

During their E3 2018 panel, Insomniac Games talked about the behind the scenes development of the game. Speaking about the open world, they confirmed that this is their biggest game that they have ever worked on.

As for the story featured in the game, Insomniac Games have confirmed that they decided to create their own interpretation of Spider-Man instead of going for a story from a comic book. They decided to respect the characters and their design and to realize this goal, they worked closely with Marvel in the development of the game. They didn’t want to create another origin story here.

Speaking of the mysterious voice that can be heard in the E3 2018 footage, they teased that it is a leader in the game’s world whose identity the player will be able to figure out once they play the game at launch. They didn’t want to spoil it right now.

Spider-Man PS4 will be out on September 7th exclusively for the PS4. It is developed by Insomniac Games and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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