Insomniac Games: Sunset Overdrive Uses A Completely “New Engine;” Denies Similarity To inFamous

Sunset Overdrive recently got a whole bunch of press previews, screenshots, and even an ‘accidental’ video reveal from GameInformer (later removed). With all this new info, there were also some accusations from fans that Sunset Overdrive seemed to be quite similar to inFamous, in term of its various gameplay mechanics. James Stevenson, Community Lead at Insomniac Games, strongly denied these resemblances and explained how their game differentiates from other similar games.

On NeoGAF, one user who saw the video reveal, talked about how it reminded him of inFamous series. James Stevenson replied back:

I dunno, we had grinding in Ratchet games, we had a wrench slam in Ratchet games. I don’t feel like anyone can say we ripped those off from anyone else when we’ve been using them for a decade plus.

The denim is a denim jacket but you can wear whatever you want.

I know we didn’t show the hero using a chain (I’m not even sure we have a chain melee weapon).

And honestly, the over the shoulder shooting is the LAST thing you should do while playing the game (and when did over the shoulder shooting in a third person shooter become any sort of “ripoff”?). We keep debating about taking it out (or locking it at the beginning so players don’t try to use it all the time.

we’re very different than infamous.

sunset-overdrive (6)

He also explained that they are using a completely new engine for this game, which is tailored to their needs.

this is basically a completely different engine, twice removed. A lot of the stuff we built for it was to hit Marcus and Drew’s goals for the game in terms of the mass quantities of enemies on screen (it’s a lot), the size of the world and the ability to move across it quickly (challenging in open world games) and the sheer number of effects (fireworks, pyro, all that good stuff). Everything we’re doing technically is based on nailing the vision of the game, which is exactly as it should be

In case you were thinking that the GameInformer footage looked impressive, you should be aware that it wasn’t really a good representative of the game and its visuals, and we can see them better once an official gameplay trailer is released this Monday.

gah, that spanish clip obviously just capped GI this morning (also, gah) and obviously dropped a lot of frames when capping there.

not representative, and obviously we’re getting it pulled.

we have a great video for monday that shows more stuff.

Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive and is set for a release this year. No release date has been given yet but it will probably will confirmed at Microsoft’s E3 conference.

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