Insomniac Have ‘Lots’ Of Ideas For Sunset Overdrive 2, Explain Lack Of Xbox One X Patch

Sunset Overdrive was released exclusively for the Xbox One and it ended up being a surprise announcement at E3 because of the close relationship that Insomniac Games had developed with Sony. They created many of the fan favorite IPs on the PlayStation hardware from Spyro, Ratchet and Clank to Resistance.

Sunset Overdrive ended up being an incredibly fun game but it also didn’t exactly sell that well to warrant a sequel. Even though Microsoft was involved with the production of the game, the IP still belonged to Insomniac leaving the door open for a potential sequel.

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In a recent Q&A session with resetERA, Insomniac Games has answered some of the questions asked by the fan regarding the sequel, a potential Xbox One X update and their working experience with Microsoft.

Community Director at Insomniac Games, James Stevenson praised their work experience with Microsoft stating that they had a lot of fun working with them on Sunset Overdrive.

I personally really enjoyed working with Microsoft Game Studios. Josh Kerwin is one of my favorite people on the planet and Blizzard is lucky to have him now – but overall the marketing and PR teams there were full of great people. They really believed in the vision of Sunset Overdrive and put an enormous amount of effort behind it. We had a giant Fizzie Blimp at E3 that insulted passersby. We blew the blimp up! We had this crazy commercial on the Warner Brothers Lot and have a huge SEXBURGER sign in the office now and a great t-shirt collection.

When asked about ideas for a potential sequel to Sunset Overdrive, he replied back with a simple ‘lots.’ that atleast assures that if they do work on a sequel in the future they should have plenty of ideas to cover it. As for the Xbox One X update that fans have been clamoring since the release of the Xbox One X, he had the following response.

Realistically it’s not in the cards at this point. Our engine code is several years developed from Sunset Overdrive, and to re-open that project and try to piece it in there, on a new piece of hardware, plus all of the testing and resources going into it, isn’t something we’re able to do in house. Right now everyone here is focused on Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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Sunset Overdrive launched exclusively for the Xbox One in 2014. It was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios. They are currently working on Marvel’s Spider-Man for for the PS4 set to arrive later this September.

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