The International 2016 Now Has The Largest Prize Pool In eSports History

We are just six days away from the biggest event in eSports history. The International 2016 is the biggest DotA 2 event of the year, where the best teams from all around the world gather and compete for millions of dollars and the prestigious, Aegis of Champions.

Last year, we saw Evil Geniuses win the grand final of The International 2015 against CDEC Gaming, where Evil Geniuses shook KeyArena with their incredible Ice Blast+Echo Slam combo, that won them the event. At The International 2015, the prize pool for the event set a milestone for any eSports out there. The crowd funded event went up to a jaw dropping $18 million ($18,429,613 to be exact), and no other eSport has even gotten close to it.

The International 6 Prize Pool

Moments ago, The International 2016 prize pool exceeded last year’s prize pool, setting another milestone for eSports. At the time of writing, the prize pool is at $18,453,314. The International 2016 now has the largest Prize Pool in the history of eSports, and will continue to increase until the conclusion of the Grand Final.

To celebrate the new record, Valve has finally released the highly anticipated Immortal Treasure III. The Immortal Treasure III includes items for Slark, Earth Spirit, Bane, Ogre Magi, Razor, Medusa, and Lina, as well as a rare chance to receive 50 bonus Battle Levels.

The International 6 Immortal Treasure III

Battle Pass owners will receive the Treasure of the Benefactors at the end of the TI Battle Pass Season, on August 31st. The deadline for all The International Battle Pass activities was August 13th, but Valve pushed the deadline to August 31st.

So far, 16 teams have confirmed their spot in The International 2016, six of which were directly invited to the event by Valve. The other eight teams qualified through the regional qualifiers, while four teams still have to qualify for the event through the Wild Card bracket.

The International 2016 starts on August 3rd, and concludes on August 13th. The event will take place in Seattle’s KeyArena.

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