Investing in Video Game Consoles – Everything you need to know about Game Consoles

Video game aficionados have a cauldron of gaming options to choose from today with Sony and Microsoft launching their impeccable series of video game consoles in what is considered the 7th generation for home consoles. Video game consoles is not a new concept and has been in vogue for quite a few decades now morphing into devices capable of entertaining people not only via games but by surfing the net, watching movies, communicating with friends and what not. Thanks to the technology which has grown in leaps and bounds console gaming has showered game buffs the benefits of instant action at affordable prices. Here is a glimpse into some interesting points and tips about gaming consoles.

Console Game versus PC Games

While many would vouch for PC games which come in a hoard of varieties, the truth remains there are many who would prefer console gaming over that of PC. PC gamers would point out that playing games on computer keyboards comes with greater control and consequent better output. But those who love playing games for an hour as casual past time would go for console games by just picking up their control pad in various situations because of the standardization and flexibility they provide. Imagine throwing up a party and having to set up multiple computers for letting your gaming buff friends have their share of fun. Console gaming can be much convenient and easier to install and enjoy even when played in groups.

If you thought games on consoles are limited when compared to their PC counterparts, well there are a number of genres where the former supersede the latter. These include educational games, sport games and racing games among others. For instance, Madden 2011, although can be played on PC, yet are more preferred often to be played on Xbox 360/PS3 as it offers a much easier and user-friendly gamepad. Other action games like Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are also coveted as social games played on gaming consoles because of the thrill they offer when attached to big screened televisions.

The Advent of Card Game Genre on Consoles

Did you think games on consoles were only confined to the traditional genres and the PC grabs the sole privilege of letting gamers play Poker and other card games on them? With the recent launch of Microsoft’s World Series of Poker Full House Pro Poker fans can get the real excitement and experience of card games on Xbox 360 along with Windows 8. Poker players can play free card games with real competitors and everyday quota of stack of chips which also comes absolutely free and enables an individual player to choose their level of game. There is also a variety of Game Modes to opt for from single player and single tables to full-fledged tournaments, while intermittent commentary by Norman Chad and Lon McEarchen, the real announcers of ESPN World Series of Poker lend it an original feel. There are a number of games to play as well including Texas Holdem Poker and Seven Card.

Different Types of Game Consoles to Choose From

Game consoles come in the form of handheld devices and home video game consoles. Handheld gaming consoles have risen much in popularity today, thanks to the convenience they proffer of ‘gaming on the go’. The PlayStation Portable and its revamped version Next Generation Portable or NGP give you the opportunity to indulge in your favorite games when you are not at home. However, the real thrill of gaming is obtained through the Seventh Generation Home Consoles with advanced technology turning them into complete entertainment systems for home. Features like hard drives for storing music, video and game files and built-in Wi-Fi systems make these devices the ultimate pastime boxes.

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