IO Interactive Unveils New Studio In Copenhagen

Following the announcement by IO Interactive that Hitman had been renewed for a second season, the developer has now given us a look at their new studio and what this means for Hitman moving forward.

The announcement was made in an official blog post on the developer’s website. According to the post, the new “ultra-modern studio” is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it is here that the Hitman brand will make it’s home for the foreseeable future. The new studio is equipped with a cantina, a kitchen, meeting rooms named after the studio’s games and most importantly an on-site motion capture studio.


Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at IO Interactive, had this to say:

IOI has always been a studio that creates unique and interesting games. It comes from the idea that we want our games to play and feel like the people that create them. Our new studio is the perfect place to continue doing that. It’s an energetic, high-tech and exciting place to work that has been created specifically for our needs as an ambitious development studio. Our new logo is fresh, contemporary and expresses our creativity, ambition and passion.

For those who may not be in the loop yet, Hitman was confirmed for a second season at the Paris Games Week just around 2 weeks ago. You can read up on that in more detail here.

New Trailer Released For Hitman's Season Finale

Hitman season 1 is out now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. You can learn more about the season finale here.

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