Iron Banner Returns To Destiny This Tuesday, New Gear Available

In the latest ‘This Week at Bungie’, Bungie Community Manager, Cozmo, announced the return of the Crucible event called Iron Banner.

Destiny’s Iron Banner is a crucible event that comes around once a month for a week. The event rewards players with Iron Banner gear, which can only be obtained during the event. In the past, Lord Saladin has been hosting the event, but due to the recent Siva threats, he has stepped down from his position and Lady Efrideet has taken his place.

The Iron Banner kicks off this Tuesday, November 8th, at 10AM PT and will conclude on November 15th at 1AM PT. Last month, the game mode for the Iron Banner was Supremacy, however this, players will be playing Control in the event.

This month in the Iron Banner, players will be rewarded with the Iron Banner pulse rifle, The Clever Dragon, and the Iron Banner Machine Gun, The Silvered Dread. In terms of gear, players will be rewarded with the Chest armor and the Leg armor for their characters.

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Last week, Bungie released the challenge mode for the Wrath of the Machine raid. The Vosik challenge was added to the game without any announcements being made. Cozmo revealed that next week, Aksis will be issuing a challenge to all guardians.

Will you be participating in the upcoming Iron Banner? Are you looking forward to Aksis’ challenge? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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