Is Apex Legends on Switch?

Apex Legends is available on a wide variety of platforms but is Apex Legends available on Switch? Read on to find out.

Apex Legends is the latest game by Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment. The game has proved to be a huge success with over 25 million players having played the game in its first week. The game features super tight and snappy gameplay, that coupled with the game’s squad focused mechanics, make it a must play.

Is Apex Legends available on the Switch?

Apex Legends is currently available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC which makes that Apex Legends on Switch currently doesn’t exist. This doesn’t mean that the game can’t come to the Nintendo platform in the future, in the past other Battle Royale games like Fortnite have made their way to the Switch a few months post release. With how successful Apex Legends has become, I’m sure developers Respawn Entertainment and publishers EA are looking to capitalize on the Switch and its rapidly growing fanbase.

The game’s lead producer, Drew McCoy, mentioned in an interview when the game released that they have nothing currently to talk about regarding a Switch version. However this is pretty much a non-answer and Respawn is likely currently focusing on making sure the current player base is getting a good and stable experience before promising other things.

Is Apex Legends on Switch possible?

Apex Legends on Switch can certainly be possible, as the game although graphically impressive, is certainly something the Switch can handle. However the graphics would need to be taken down a notch. Cross-play for the game is another thing the developers are currently working for, could be that they’re working on both a Switch version and platform cross-play for release a few months down the line.

We really hope Apex Legends on Switch becomes a reality soon, the game should be a blast to play on the go.

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Do you want the game on the Switch? Are you currently playing it? What do you think is the best platform to play the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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