Is Xbox Live Gold Family Membership Making A Comeback On Xbox?

Xbox One has officially launched by Microsoft. Even being a $100 expensive than its competitor, Xbox One managed to sell one million units with its worldwide release. Microsoft announced in August that it will discontinuing the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack and that all the members with their accounts tied to the family pack will be upgraded to Gold membership along with three extra months on top of the remaining time left on the subscription.

This move was done in favour of the new Family Sharing feature that was to debut on Xbox One. This feature would’ve allowed any Xbox Live Gold Member to share their digital library of games with up to ten people. Sadly this feature was also removed when Microsoft announced that it will be retracting its DRM policies.

Rumour has it that the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack might be making a comeback since Microsoft didn’t go through with the DRM policies and the Family Sharing feature was removed. When the Xbox Live website is visited from any Windows based phone like Nokia Lumia 920, they can view the option to subscribe to the family pack. This option, however, is not available to anyone visiting the site from their PC or from any phone whose OS is not Windows based. The option does also appear on non-Windows based phones as one user has showed the option appearing on his Nexus tablet. One reddit user, Forem4n, also made all the way through to confirm the payment and saw the verified total.


familyYou can visit the link directly to the screen here.

It can be termed as both strange and not at the same time as Microsoft announced to discontinue it a few months ago but since they dropped the family sharing feature, it is possible they might be rolling this feature back.

Xbox Live Family Membership is a great way to have the whole family upgraded to a year of Xbox Live Gold all within a budgeted limit.

Can you browse and see the option on your Windows based phone? Are you happy that Microsoft might be rolling this option back? Let us know in the comments below.

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