Is Star Ocean developer tri-Ace hiring for a new PS4 game? [Rumor]

Famed JRPG developer tri-Ace could be working on a new project if these new job listings turn out to be what many speculate them to be.

A game developer located by Shiba Park in Tokyo is hiring a game planner to work on a game running on Unreal Engine 4. The game is being reportedly developed for the PS4. As Gematsu notes, tri-Ace is located just shy of Shiba Park. This could mean the Star Ocean developer could be working on a brand new project for the PS4.

Another interesting point is the hint at the game’s engine, tri-Ace has their own engine so them choosing Unreal Engine 4 for their game could mean them dumping their engine or a request from the publisher they’re probably developing the game for. tri-Ace’s most recently project was remastering Resonance of Fate in 4K for PS4 and PC.

If not tri-Ace the developer could be Game Studio, also located near to Shiba Park. Game Studio mainly work on game for Arcades, PC browsers and smartphones while also delving in console games like Figureheads that saw a release on PS4 and PC. They also worked on Okamiden for the Nintendo DS.

Personally we think this is definitely tri-Ace as they’ve hinted them starting work on a brand new project several times in the past few months.

Do game or IP would you like tri-Ace to give a go? Or do you want a brand new IP from them? Let us know in the comments below.

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