Japan is crazy for Pokemon X and Y; Nintendo EShop crashes after Worldwide Launch

So Pokemon X and Y has been released in Japan(and rest of the world). It is the most pre-ordered game on Amazon Japan and has broken the record of previous Pokemon games. Now that it is released, we are seeing huge lines of people waiting to get their hands on it through retail stores while Nintendo EShop went down once Pokemon X and Y was made available on it for download.

This news is not surprising since Pokemon is pretty big franchise. This is the first time the game was released simultaneously worldwide. This is also the first Pokemon game that is in complete 3D. It is also the first Pokemon game to be released on a brand new Nintendo handheld i.e 3DS.


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Over in Japan, Blog Esuteru posted some pictures of the huge lines of people, that were going to get Pokemon X and Y. You can see them below.

The Pokemon craze in Japan seems to be in full swing now and the same can be said for its Worldwide launch. Nintendo EShop went down once Pokemon X and Y was released on it.

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