John Carmack comments on the possibilities of Steambox and Mantle

John Carmack, the industry veteran and the legendary creator of Doom, took to twitter to voice his opinion about the newly introduced Mantle API by AMD.

Mantle allows developers the platform to extract a high level of utilization from the existing GCN architecture as well as the GCN 2.0 architecture found in the new Radeon series, via low-level-high-performance drivers.

Carmack stated that AMD has an interesting opportunity with Mantle for them considering their GPUs are powering the next-gen consoles but remains doubtful if the console manufacturers themselves will be helpful about it.

He also states that if Valve’s Steambox goes the AMD route then it can also benefit from a lot of AAA content and if it came to that, Microsoft and Sony may get downright hostile to it.

Below you can read the tweets and the replies he got:

On August 7th 2013, Carmack joined the Oculus VR team as their Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His sudden move gave many a scare that he left id software for good and that his creations and projects including but not limited to: Doom 4 and Rage 2, might not see the light of day.

A separate news by id software reassured fans by confirming that John Carmack will still be contributing to id software in conjunction with his new position at Oculus VR.

Check out the whole conversation on Twitter.

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