Judge Eyes Is Coming To West As Judgment, Releasing In Summer 2019 With English Dub

Judge Eyes is the new project from the Yakuza studio and now it was announced that this will release in Summer 2019 for the West and it has been renamed as Judgment.

During the Kinda Funny Games Showcase today, Sega revealed the trailer for Judgment and also announced its release window for the Western market. Judge Eyes is a new IP from the Yakuza developer. It was only announced for Japan and first revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2018. It is confirmed for the PS4 and will release in Summer 2019 with an English dub for the Western market.

The footage that was shown also had a snippet of the dub and from the sound of it, it was decent enough. There is likely going to be a dual audio option for those who want to stick with the original Japanese voice, but it is too early to confirm anything about it now (it is confirmed).

Judgment is set in the same city as Yakuza series so you might see cameos, while it uses the same game engine as Yakuza 6. Judgment is more of a detective mystery thriller compared to the crime drama of Yakuza. Sega has released a chapter 1 demo for Judge Eyes on the Japanese PlayStation Store so you can get a glimpse of it from that demo.

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