Jump Force: How to Unlock all Characters

Jump Force, the latest release by Spike Chunsoft is a crossover fighting game published by Namco. So those of you wondering about how to unlock all characters in the game might find this guide helpful.

The game has just released in Japan earlier that rest of the world and set to officially release on 15th February world wide. Jump Force features characters that are from various Manga series so the players are looking into unlocking all the character from their favorite Manga.

How to unlock all characters in Jump Force?

Spike Chunsoft’s new title has a total of 40 fighters and unlocking all fighters in Jump Force is very simple. All you basically need to do is get through the prologue of the game. Talking in detail, the game starts off with a number of cut scenes after which you have to create your own fighter. After creating your fighter, there is a tutorial session and the you come to a Hub area.

There are three tunnels in the Hub area and at the end of each tunnel is a team leader. You have to talk to all team leaders to successfully unlock all the characters. Moreover, it would be important to add that Hub area is where you will start your missions, play online and play offline further-on in the game.

How to talk to team leader Goku in Jump Force?

Unlocking all fighter requires talking to all team leaders, going through “A” tunnel which the red one in the middle will take you to a dessert.

There you will find Goku standing who is the team leader. There will be an exclamation mark on top of his head and you have to talk to him.

How to talk to team leader Luffy in Jump Force?

Going through the ‘B’ tunnel which the blue one which is on the left will lead you to a sort of an island with a ship docked there. There you will find Luffy with an exclamation mark over his head. You must talk to him to unlock all fighters in Jump Force.

How to talk to team leader Naruto in Jump Force?

Lastly, you will have to talk to team leader Naruto. You will find Naruto at the end of tunnel ‘r’ which is the green one on the right. You will find a part of Hidden Leaf Village at the end of the tunnel where you will have to talk to Naruto. This leaves only one step that you will need to do to unlock all characters in Jump Force.

How to talk to Director Glover in Jump Force?

After talk to all the leaders, you have to head to the last tunnel which is on the opposite side of tunnel ‘A’. The tunnel will take you to a sort of Operations Office where you have to talk to Director Glover which will be followed by a combat tutorial and then all the characters will be successfully unlocked.

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Also after, this you can use the rest of the options of the game as well. This is all about about how to unlock all the characters in Jump Force. Comment below for any more questions.

Jump Force now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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