Just Cause 3 Dev Hints That It Won’t Be F2P, More Leaked Screenshots Show UI And Microtransactions

Just Cause 3 beta Xbox One build was recently leaked online in the form of some screenshots. The game looked decent enough for a Just Cause game but the worrying part was how it showed a glimpse at what appeared to be microtransactions in the game. This led many to speculate that the end game might be a free-to-play game littered with microtransactions, but if the tweet of Avalance Studios’ Founder Christofer Sundberg is any indication, the game might not be free-to-play after all.

Christofer Sundberg recently tweeted about the kind of game they were working on, without specifying if it was Just Cause 3 or not, confirming that their upcoming game is not free-to-play.

We currently have ONE F2P game and it’s been out since 2009. I hope that helps you guys getting some sleep. Doesn’t change my opinion though

The original leaker of the in-game screenshots was Xbox-Underground, and according to Eurogamer, the leaks have been confirmed to be real according to someone close to the development team.

The leaker has shared a couple more screenshots of the game which show more microtransactions and a glimpse of the in-game UI. Check them out below.

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