Just Cause 3: Here’s how to find the Teleportation gate

Just Cause 3 contains many secrets hidden in the massive country of Medici. Teleportation gate is one of those secrets which allows you to teleport to different locations. You can access it if you know the code to unlock the huge vault doors hiding it.

To get to the teleportation gate, simply go to the location marked by the player’s indicator on the map. The indicator will point towards a military base but don’t worry about the reinforcements. That base is actually located in a cave under the mountain that you will be standing on top of. You can view the location on map below.

When you’ll reach at the destination point, you’ll find a vault in the ground with four buttons near it. Head towards the buttons and enter the number in this sequence to open up the vault.



After you enter the pattern correctly, the vault door will be opened. Before going into the vault, make sure to quickly go through the gate as the vault’s door will be closed after some certain time. Once you fall down, you’ll see a teleportation gate which will teleport you to another side of the map.


The working of teleportation gate is similar to Fast Travel. The only difference between these two features is that you can teleport anywhere on the map rather than travelling between two specific spots that aren’t really useful.

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