Just Cause 3: Here’s how to liberate towns

Just Cause 3 includes more than 129 locations which can be liberated by number of ways. The regions like Petra, Capite West, Capite West etc. have a GPS coordinate system through which you can find these locations easily on the map. Here are some couple of useful tricks to liberate these locations.

Look out for items with red marking

When you’re getting ready to liberate your first town in Just Cause 3, make sure to look out for the items that have red bandings around them. These items will help you in liberating the town.

Billboards and speakers may be a little trickier to find if you’re looking in the wrong places. If you’re having difficulty, just remember to look for the items with red marking. Moreover, once you’ve spent enough time within the boundaries of the town itself, most of the objects will be marked on your map when you pull it up.


Backup call

Before you start blowing up statues and speakers, make sure to call some backup first. To do so, simply enter the combat zone in town and eliminate all enemies. While in the combat zone, you can activate two gates through which rebels can get into the town.


Stop Reinforcements

At the same time, make sure to take out soldiers before they call reinforcements. You’ll see a walkie-talkie icon pop up on your screen, look for the icon to find the soldier who’s about to call for reinforcements. If you don’t take him out before the entire red circle fills up, he’ll call two more reinforcements into the town.

Make sure to takeout these soldiers first in order to liberate the town with ease.


Raise the flag

Once you’ve destroyed all those things that you need to in the town, you will be notified of of the town flag. You basically have to raise that flag but keep in mind that once you raise it, the town will be liberated and all enemy troops will disappear. Even if you’re in the middle of some conflict, you can always get out of it by raising the flag.


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