Just Cause 3 Patch 1.03 Significantly Improves Load Times But With A Caveat, Comparison With 1.02

Just Cause 3 has received a brand new patch yesterday that prepares the game for the upcoming Sky Fortress expansion. Avalanche Software has claimed that this new patch also improves load times for the game in addition to performance, and we can confirm that it is indeed the case here, based on our own testing of the game’s load times.

While the load times have improved significantly, and even the initial load is reduced now, which wasn’t the case for Patch 1.02, the texture streaming appears to be affected to some extent as we encountered low quality textures when we were testing out the load times. These textures can also be seen in the comparison below, notice how the helicopter has lower quality textures in the latest patch.

just-cause-3-update-103-comp (1) just-cause-3-update-103-comp (1-2)

Thankfully the load times are a huge improvement over the Patch 1.02 and even bigger improvement compared to the vanilla version of the game. You can check out a comparison between the game with day 1 patch, patch 1.02 and patch 1.03 below.

ConditionLoad Time (1.01)Load Time (1.02)Load Time (1.03)
Start of game (1)1 min 30 secs1 min 33 secs1 min
Start of game (2)1 min 38 secs1 min 42 secs59 secs
Start of game (3)1 min 35 secs1 min 37 secs1 min
After Death (1)1 min 4 secs29 secs18 secs
After Death (2)1 min28 secs15 secs
After Death (3)1 min 4 secs30 secs17 secs
After Death (4)33 secs30 secs16 secs
After Death (5)1 min 5 secs32 secs17 secs
After Death (6)3 min 22 secs30 secs19 secs
After Death (7)2 min 10 secs27 secs14 secs
After Death (8)3 min 57 secs29 secs16 secs
After Death (9)36 secs26 secs19 secs
After Death (10)1 min26 secs18 secs

If you find it hard to believe the above chart, check out the video below which shows the load time after player’s death in addition to the initial load of the game.

The latest patch has also improved improved the draw distance to an extent. Shadows render at a better distance now compared to patch 1.02. While it is hard to notice the difference in stills, you can spot it in the comparison below where the trees are casting shadows in the distance.

just-cause-3-update-103-comp (2) just-cause-3-update-103-comp (2-2)

The latest patch has improved the load times but unfortunately the performance can still be a mess at times. Avalanche Software promised improved load times and performance and from what we can see, they have delivered on the load times, but they have yet to fix any of the other issues like the stuttering that can happen during some of the more chaotic moments in Just Cause 3, or the aggressive LOD (level-of-detail) that can often have an adverse affect on the IQ of the game.

Just Cause 3 is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The first expansion of the game is called Sky Fortress and it will be released on March 8th for Season Pass owners and March 15th for everyone.

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