Just Cause 4 Deep Dive Trailer Shows Why It Is The Ultimate Open World Sandbox Game

Square Enix has released a brand new Just Cause 4 trailer that looks like it was made as a tribute to Michael Bay movies.

Just Cause 4 is going to soon become the ultimate Sandbox game once it is out on December 4th. It is an open world game that gives the player ultimate freedom and this latest entry brings in a crazy tornado into the mix that features ridiculous physics making it all the more fun.

The new trailer for Just Cause 4 is pretty amazing if I am being honest. It paints a broad picture of the game’s destruction and open world and shows that you can achieve a lot in this world with the right tools and creativity. Watch it in all of its glory below.

Just Cause 4 has always offered some fun Sandbox action but it lacks a proper and engaging story mode. This was a problem with Just Cause 3, and I honestly don’t think this has been rectified in this sequel.

The trailer still looks amazing and if you weren’t sold on Just Cause 4, this might just do it. As for the game itself, we are likely going to share our review for it once it launches on December 4th, but in the meanwhile, the game is confirmed for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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