Just Cause 4 Full World Map Size Revealed, Comparison To Past Games

Square Enix has shared the world map for Just Cause 4 today. The world map was uploaded to the official website to showcase the size of it and it is massive. The size of the world map appears to be pretty similar to Just Cause 2 with more land mass and less water this time unlike Just Cause 3.

Full World Map For Just Cause 4 Revealed

Here is the full world map for Just Cause 4 as revealed by Square Enix on the official website. The distance calculated for the map is around 1024 km^2 or roughly the same as Just Cause 2.

The first is the map for Just Cause 2 which is approximately 1080 km^2.

Finally, we have the world map for Just Cause 3. According to the developers, it is around 400 square miles and was the biggest world map that they ever created for the series.

The world map for Just Cause 3 is pretty similar to 4 in term of the overall size, as developers have confirmed it themselves. The difference is in the land mass and in this regard, Just Cause 4 has beaten its predecessor. Now the only thing that remains to be seen is if the world map is full of actual meaningful content for the fans to enjoy roaming around.

Just Cause 4 will launch on December 4th, 2018, for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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