Just Dance 2014 makes its way to XBL Marketplace

Images of Just Dance 2014 have been released on the Xbox Live Marketplace, ahead of schedule. There are 9 pictures, accompanied by a blurb which you can read below.

“The latest opus of the Just Dance franchise will make you dance even more and will be once again the ultimate casual rendezvous of the year. This new opus will be even more social as you will be able to connect and dance with players from all over the world and share a unique dancing experience with them. It becomes the party expert and features today iconic pop culture references. New modes will be available, letting you and your friends experience parties the way only Just Dance knows how.”

I’m not a big Just Dance fan, but this will be of immense interest to fans and people who love pop music. Expect a lot of that in the game.

Further information on the game will probably be released at E3. However, we are not sure whether the game will make an appearance at Ubisoft‘s conference or Microsoft. It is assumed that game will be out for the Xbox 360 and/or the Xbox One.

You can view all nine images below. Ghostbusters and Thriller are present, so it’s obvious that they’ll be a part of the game.

Tell us what you think of Just Dance 2014, and whether or not you’d like to see more of it at E3, in the comments below.

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