Katsuhiro Harada Gives An Update On Xenosaga HD Collection

Katsuhiro Harada is a producer and game director at Bandai Namco, who is widely recognized for his work on the Tekken series. Last year, he reached out to fans regarding a potential Xenosaga HD Collection for the current generation consoles and asked them to create a petition for it.

As it turned out, the petition wasn’t exactly a success as it has only managed to reach 10 thousand signatures so far and Harada recently replied to a fan request demanding an update on his comment.


Harada was approached by a fan on Twitter who wanted to get a comment on Xenosaga HD Collection after the petition passed the ten thousand signatures milestone.

“I said ‘A miracle would happen if several tens of thousands are gathered’ before. Not 10,000, ” said Harada in his reply to the fan on Twitter. “That’s why I tweet ‘I don’t expect miracle by Petition any more. I’ll find another way’. Thx.”

Even though the petition might not have reached the success as intended, it is encouraging to hear that Harada might be working on alternatives for bringing Xenosaga HD Collection to the current generation consoles.

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