Ken Levine teasing Bioshock Infinite DLC news?

The renowned game director behind Bioshock Infinite, a critical and commercial hit, Ken Levine had previously promised us that we would hear about Bioshock Infinite’s DLC at the end of July.

ken levine

Today, Ken Levine tweeted, “Excited for Tomorrow”. This might be anything, but seeing as how July is coming to an end, it is very likely that he is talking about Bioshock Infinite and it’s DLC. Can we expect DLC news tomorrow? I guess we’ll find out. Lets hope out excitement isn’t for nothing.

Bioshock Infinite came out a few months back, and players have been eagerly waiting for it’s DLC. There were rumors that we might even see a new AI companion, though I don’t see how he/she can be better than the Elizabeth we have come to know and love.

What do you think the DLC will bring to the game?


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