Killer Instinct PC version development is underway

In a CEO special Q&A session this week on the official Killer Instinct forums, Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy briefly answered a number of questions regarding the game’s PC release.

Responding to a question regarding the current progress on the PC version, the Iron Galaxy representative stated that development is indeed underway, and that the port is currently undergoing Windows 10 and middleware integration.


Another question asked whether the Killer Instinct team at Iron Galaxy that originally worked on the Xbox One version is developing the PC port. The representative responded by saying that the team involved in porting the game over to Windows 10 includes some of the original Killer Instinct staff, but there are also other developers at Iron Galaxy working on the game. This could come as bad news, particularly after how the studio handled the infamous PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. There is, however, hope, given that a few members of the Killer Instinct staff are also involved in the porting process.

The Iron Galaxy representative also hinted at some changes to the game’s visual makeup, including lighting and other graphical touch ups. He said that there are several plans for the game’s future, but everything depends on what the future holds for the Killer Instinct franchise.

Further information regarding Killer Instinct’s PC release is scheduled to be made available at both EVO and Gamescom. In the meanwhile, let us know what you’re expecting from the game’s Windows 10 release?

Muhammad Ali Bari

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