Killer Instinct will be Free to Play

In the past few years, the Free-to-play business model is becoming more and more preferred among Dev teams for mostly MMO’s and MOBA’s. Sometimes as way to re-coop loses by allowing users to play for free charging for certain things to be able to take in some type of income. However, seeing console based titles and the F2P model is a rare sight indeed, so a home console dev adopting this strategy for one of their titles is intriguing, to say the least.


Killer Instinct is the title that I speak of. It is a digital release exclusive on the Xbox One day one (pun intended). When you download the game you will be presented with a single character, Jago, while other unannounced characters will follow.This will allow you the option on who you decide to download while characters you don’t want, will be locked.


How do you feel about this decision? Are you fine with just paying for characters you intend to play with or would rather pay once for  a more cohesive product? Let us know in the comments


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