Killing Floor 2 Has Gone Gold

Just days before it’s official release, developer Tripwire Interactive has announced that their game Killing Floor 2 has gone gold.

This news comes via an official post of the developer’s website, where the announcement was made alongside some more info about the game. What going gold basically means is that development on the game has finally been completed, and that the game is ready to be mass produced for the market.

The developers also posted a picture of the development team, holding the master disc of the game.


The developers also announced that the game has just crossed the 1 million units sold threshold on Steam, making it one of the top selling Early Access titles on the platform.

Set in continental Europe, Killing Floor 2 takes place about one month after the original Killing Floor trials. The game places a great emphasis on gore to the point that the developers have even created what is knows as the M.E.A.T system (Massive Evisceration and Trauma). What this refers to is the 22 points of dismemberment that each enemy has on their body, as well as the 5 points present on the head alone.

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Killing Floor 2 is now set to be released on 18th November, 2016, on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PC.

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